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Water-borne PUDs in Glass Coatings

Water-borne PUD coatings offer good adhesion to glass fiber filaments and have exceptional physical properties during the final coating application. 

For the processing of glass fibers, water-borne PUD coatings require certain specialized characteristics such as strong binding properties, suitable blending stability, and resistance to heat, scratches, abrasions, solvents, water and detergents


  • PUTHANE TS 8290: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Top

    • ​Solid Content (%): 29 ± 2

  • PUTHANE TS 8359: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Top

    • ​Solid Content (%): 35 ± 1

  • PUTHANE 85314: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion

    • ​Solid Content (%): 11 ± 1

  • PUTHANE 85313: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion

    • ​Solid Content (%): 26 ± 1

  • PUTHANE 85332: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion

    • ​Solid Content (%): 26 ± 1

We also have a variety of UV-Curable resins to offer to these industries alongside these products. 

Polyurethane Dispersions: Revolutionizing Glass Coatings for Unparalleled Performance and Beauty

Unlock the exceptional potential of polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) in the world of glass coatings. With a wide range of benefits and applications, these water-based formulations are redefining the glass coating industry. In this article, we will delve into the diverse uses of polyurethane dispersions in glass coatings, provide guidelines for their application, and showcase their numerous applications.

Unleashing the Power of Polyurethane Dispersions in Glass Coatings:

Polyurethane dispersions are renowned for their ability to enhance the performance and aesthetics of glass surfaces. These dispersions create a thin, protective film that offers outstanding adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, and enhanced durability. By utilizing PUDs, glass coatings achieve exceptional scratch resistance, weatherability, and UV protection, ensuring the longevity and brilliance of the coated glass.

Guidelines for Using Polyurethane Dispersions in Glass Coatings:

To maximize the benefits and application of polyurethane dispersions in glass coatings, it is essential to follow specific guidelines. Firstly, thorough surface cleaning is crucial to remove any contaminants that may hinder adhesion. Secondly, selecting the appropriate dispersion type and formulation based on the desired characteristics, such as transparency, gloss level, and film thickness, is essential. Additionally, optimizing the application process, including using suitable equipment, maintaining consistent film thickness, and allowing adequate drying and curing time, will yield optimal results.

Enhancing Glass Coatings through Polyurethane Dispersions:

The versatility of polyurethane dispersions enables a wide range of applications in glass coatings. Some key areas where PUDs excel include:

1. Architectural Glass: PUD-based coatings provide protection and enhance the aesthetics of architectural glass, such as windows, facades, and glass doors. These coatings offer superior weather resistance, UV protection, and easy-to-clean properties, ensuring the glass retains its clarity and beauty over time.

2. Automotive Glass: PUDs offer exceptional scratch resistance and impact resistance when used in automotive glass coatings. These coatings enhance driver visibility, protect against environmental damage, and improve overall safety.

3. Decorative Glass: Polyurethane dispersions enable the creation of stunning decorative glass finishes by providing a smooth and durable coating. They enhance the color vibrancy, gloss, and depth of decorative glass applications, such as mirrors, tabletops, and glass art.

4. Display Glass: PUD-based coatings are widely used in display glass applications, including touchscreens, LCD panels, and electronic devices. These coatings offer anti-smudge properties, fingerprint resistance, and improved optical clarity.

Partner with C&E Limited for Exceptional Glass Coating Solutions:

At C&E Limited, we specialize in providing high-quality polyurethane dispersions for glass coatings. Our advanced formulations deliver outstanding performance, protection, and aesthetics, allowing you to create superior glass finishes. Our experienced team is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements and offering tailored solutions to meet your needs.

To learn more about how our polyurethane dispersions can elevate your glass coatings to new heights, get in touch with our team at We are ready to assist you in unlocking the full potential of your glass coating applications.

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