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Water-borne PUDs in Wood Coatings

In the wood coating industry, water-borne PUDs have significant potential in various applications and they are currently gaining a lot of attention. As they are easy to use, eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free and emit low volatile organic compounds, they are effective substitutes for solvent-borne PUDs.

When used in the topcoats of wooden furniture, the favorable characteristics required for good performance include resistance to chemicals and scratches, hardness, good leveling and adhesion. Coatings for wooden furniture and wood-based flooring also require resistance to water, UV and chemicals, good optical transparency, maximum durability, excellent abrasion, resistance, high flexibility and glossy properties.


  • PUTHANE TS 8290: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Top

    • ​Solid Content (%): 29 ± 2

  • PUTHANE TS 8359: Aliphatic Aqueous Polyurethane Top

    • ​Solid Content (%): 35 ± 1

We also have a variety of UV-Curable resins to offer to these industries alongside these products. 

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