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High-Performance FRP and Fibreglass Coating: Why are Water-borne PUDs preferred?

Water-borne PUDs are used to fabricate high-performing, extremely versatile coating systems. In addition to their numerous benefits, they have a lower impact on the environment as they produce fewer volatile organic compounds. These coatings offer good adhesion to the fiber filaments and have exceptional physical properties during the final coating application.

These dispersions show good adhesion to different surfaces including polymeric fibers and glass. For the processing of glass fibers, water-borne PUD coatings require certain specialized characteristics such as strong binding properties, suitable blending stability, and resistance to heat, scratches, abrasions, solvents, water, and detergents. A strong film must be formed after drying and fiber fluffing should be controlled. If the coating is nonionic, it can be blended with many different materials.

Chopped strands of glass are fabricated by combining numerous e-glass fibers together and cutting them into specific lengths. To improve their physical properties and strength, they are coated by surface treatments that are designed differently for different resins. These chopped strands are combined with suitable resins and administered to Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (FRTP) and Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) for usage as reinforcing material for engineering plastics in various industries such as electronics and automobiles.

Glass rovings are made of fiberglass filaments that are bonded in a strand and wound on a spindle or bobbin without twisting. This direct roving has multiple applications in different industries such as technical textiles, weaving, pultrusion, filament winding, texturizing and multiaxial weaving. Characteristics of glass rovings include suitable warping and weaving properties, high transparency, good tensile strength, glossy properties, resistance to abrasion, water, alcohol, and other chemical agents. These fibers are used as reinforcing materials for different materials of construction such as plumbing pipes, water storage tanks, and bathtubs.

C&E offers eco-friendly, durable water-borne PUDs under our ‘Puthane’ range which are well qualified for glass coatings. We create excellence by manufacturing high-performance products that meet the requirements of modern applications and satisfy customer expectations.

By Ashni Arun on Feb 21st, 2022

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